Something to consider as we face a New Year!



Have you ever stopped to think about whether you feel like you are a Salesperson or a Service person?

I find that sometimes the focus on us being Salespeople can interfere with doing what is best or right for our clients.  The word Salesperson for me seems to conjure images of those slick guys from the 50’s that went door to door selling vacuum cleaners, pots and pans and Fuller Brush etc.  What picture pops into your head when you think of a Salesperson?  Do you envision a caring, invested in your best interests, kind of person? How many times have you thought more about what you need ($$$) than the needs of the Buyer or Seller who trusts you with the biggest financial commitment of their lives?

In my heart of hearts, I know that I am a Service person regardless of what REBBA 2002 instructs us to be identified as to the public.  I could never look myself in the mirror if I did not feel that I had done my very best for my clients.

As a Service person I help people find and secure their homes, I help people sell their homes, I assist people in deciphering neighbourhoods, figuring out their wants, wishes, needs and financing.  I educate buyers and sellers so that they are fully enabled to make the right choices for themselves.

So now that you have had time to think about it, do you aspire to be a Salesperson or a Service person?

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