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Speak the Language of REALTORS®

Often, in classrooms, I observe students who lament REALTOR®-speak. They want words simplified: monosyllables wherever possible. This is misguided. Language makes us human. It is the defining skill of our species. No others possess this capability. REALTOR® language is a vibrant mixed bag of words drawn from myriad vocations and professions. We should be celebrating our vocabulary. It’s what makes us unique. It is a defining trait of our profession.

Think of the explosive growth of the language of technology. Words like app, tweet, LOL, and Google have become commonplace. Some of the new tech-terms, such as ActiveX, Blu-ray, hashtag, and Smishing, are creative additions that speak to a cultural revolution. Practitioners in this realm relish the words as much as the French savour their lexicon and the Italian caress their lyrical librettos. Geeks revel in their newfound, Latin-like language prominence. This technological terminology is their branding pièce de résistance.

To know real estate jargon and truly understand the meaning of each word provides you with a specialized knowledge and proficiency that serve your clients with a higher degree of fluency and accuracy. You are empowered to provide quick, efficient service and guidance through jurisdictional structures and financial calculations.

Speak the language freely and you will be positioned decisively as a professional intermediary.


What is jargon?

Jargon is defined as special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. ~Oxford English dictionary

REALTOR® jargon
appraisal appreciation buyer’s/seller’s market
chattel/fixture closing cost conditional offer
counteroffer E & O easement
FSBO GDS/TDS listing
MLS® SPIS title insurance


What REALTOR® jargon do you use?


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