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SpeakingPhoto – simplifying the photo slideshow


A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in the world of real estate. While a thousand words is nothing to sniff at, you save even more verbosity once you combine picture with voice-over. Enter SpeakingPhoto, a voice-recording photo app that’s going from strength to strength.

The app allows you to take photos or to select images from your photo gallery and record 30-second captions. You can then preview your slideshow before sharing across all the usual social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

There are a number of rival software applications that enable you to lay a soundtrack down with a slideshow, but SpeakingPhoto stands out because of its easy usability. The three button options: Shoot, Speak, Share keep the interface clean and simple. It’s a handy app for people short on time.

The app can be used for a range of tasks from illustrating listings, to personalising emails, from sharing newly available properties with followers, to conveying instructions to stagers or inspectors. It’s quick and user-friendly and thus easy to integrate into daily life.

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