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Stay Informed – It’s a Must


We interrupt our blog schedule about marketing techniques and translating prospective initiatives into sales goals with an important question – do you have all your mandatory continuing education credits? 

Registration renewal with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) is every two years. To renew your registration, you must, within the two-year cycle, complete a minimum of 24 continuing education credits, which includes the mandatory six-credit RECO Real Estate Update Course (Residential or Commercial).

The OREA Real Estate College is the sole provider of the mandatory six-credit RECO update courses, which you can take in a classroom, by correspondence, or online via e-learning.

Updated regularly, these courses offer:

  • concise and timely legal/legislative overviews
  • up-to-date market development information
  • current summaries of key RECO programs, initiatives, and issues impacting real estate practitioners
  • other current/topical information

You will receive an official course transcript upon successfully completing the course, no matter which learning method you choose. Submit this transcript to RECO, along with the RECO form “Declaration of Continuing Education – Reinstatements Only” (www.reco.on.ca).

Obtaining a Transcript 

If you select classroom, full attendance is required to obtain an official course transcript. Your transcript will be posted to your My Portfolio account upon verification of attendance.

If you select correspondence, you are required to complete and submit (mail, fax, or courier) to the College the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet. Your transcript will be posted to your My Portfolio account upon receipt of the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet.

If you select e-learning, you are required to complete and submit each section quiz and the final online course quiz. Your transcript will be posted to your My Portfolio account upon completion of all required quizzes.

All course materials are available in PDF format in My Portfolio upon enrolment.

Continuing Education

We also offer several online continuing education courses at competitive prices to help you meet your CE requirements. Some course examples include:

  • Buyer Representation
  • Money Laundering and Grow Houses
  • Real Estate Forms Made Simple
  • REALTOR’S® Guide to Complying with Privacy
  • Risk Management Strategies for Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Title Insurance

Credit Carry-over 

If you accumulate more than 24 credits within a two-year registration cycle, you may carry forward a maximum of eight credits to the next registration cycle. However, you cannot carry forward the mandatory RECO Real Estate Update Course.

For More Information

For more information about the RECO Update Courses and the CE courses, go to the OREA website at www.orea.com.

For more information and renewal requirements and applicable documents, go to the RECO website at www.reco.on.ca

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