Strategic Planning Checkup

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Summer is a great time for association leaders to review processes, plans and procedures with an eye to improving them. One of the most important things an association leader can review is how well the board of directors advances the strategic goals of the association. These are the goals that help your association achieve its vision and mission. The OREA Leadership Library is a great place to access tools and articles that can help you with that review. Here are a few that you might find particularly useful. While you’re in the library, check out the new Just-in-time Learning Videos; short how-to videos for new association volunteers.

–          Steps for Strategic Planning / Goal Setting: This checklist includes some of the best practices for conducting strategic planning. It offers practical tips for what you can do before, during and after your planning meeting to get the most from your efforts.

–          Implementing Your Strategic Plan Checklist: This document outlines some of the best ways to ensure that everyone is focused on and working to achieve your strategic goals. It reviews what you can do after the strategic plan is in place to implement and monitor your success.

–          Evaluating your Association’s Strategic Planning and Implementation Processes: This article challenges association executives and members to think critically about the effectiveness of your strategic planning processes. It includes a simple checklist that may help you and your colleagues to reflect on the effectiveness and merits of the way you conduct strategic planning and achieve implementation in your own associations.

–          Big-Picture Board: This comprehensive article addresses ways to keep strategy at the core of your board’s work. It identifies some of the common barriers to a stratetgy-focused board. And it provides many real-life examples of how boards overcame those barriers.

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