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Social Media and a REALTOR®’s Reach

A REALTORS®' Social Media ReachA REALTOR® engaging through social media has an expanded reach that impacts the bottom line of their business.

Remember Stretch Armstrong, a gel-filled toy character, whose main feature was his limb’s ability to stretch over twice their normal length?  Well, without the physical pain of this phenomenon, social media enables REALTORS® to constantly and naturally prospect, expanding their reach and client base.

“The exciting thing about social media is it offers the opportunity to engage in two-way conversations with your customers. What better way to know how to best serve your customers than to hear directly from them?” – @JeffreyHayzlett

Getting Started:

Consider the following questions…

  • Why do I want to participate in social media?
  • How will social media be incorporated into my overall customer/client experience?
  • How can social media improve my business?

Answering these questions will help you form your engagement, and explore what will work for you.  Before you jump in, set up profiles and start listening.  This will help you gage what’s happening in the community.  Look at what’s interesting, authentic, fun, appealing, and what is not.  Now, you can add engaging, valuable content that will contribute to the conversation, like what’s happening in the Real Estate industry?

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What have you done to get started in social media?

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