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Student Support – From Start to Finish

Do you know how to calculate cost per square foot? Do you know how to tabulate the land transfer tax? If you answered no, consider the many support services offered by OREA Real Estate College. These services include assistance with course content through the online educational forums and instructor support line, proven study aids available at reasonable prices, and a mentoring kit to launch the career of new graduates.

Students with questions or seeking clarification on course content may contact the College Instructor Support Line (toll free at 1-866-444-5557), Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students are also encouraged to participate in the online Education Forums for support with course content. The forums allow students to review or participate in discussions or post questions. The forums are moderated by College instructors.

Passit® study guides feature more than 1,000 sample multiple choice questions in study modes and timed exam modes. Study guides are available for the following courses: Real Estate as a Professional Career; Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading; The Residential Real Estate Transaction; The Commercial Real Estate Transaction; Real Property Law; and Principles of Appraisal.

Students can ‘gain some real knowledge’ through the ExamTutor© CD, which contains practice exams for the Pre-registration, Articling, and Broker courses. Pre-registration courses include Real Estate as a Professional Career; Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading; The Real Estate Transaction – General; The Residential Real Estate Transaction; and The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. Articling and Broker courses includes Real Property Law; Real Estate Investment Analysis; Principles of Appraisal; Principles of Mortgage Financing; Principles of Property Management; and Real Estate Broker Course.

The Mentoring Kit for New Salespeople: Training for Success features three DVDs and several booklets, with topics such as ‘soft skills’, business and career planning, professionalism, time management, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and prospecting techniques.

Our support services and learning tools ensure students have a positive learning experience and succeed in their chosen profession.

For more information about the learning tools, go to http://www.orea.com/en/OREA-Real-Estate-College/Learning-Tools.

To access the online education forum, go to My Portfolio and click on My OREA Community (Discussion Forum For Courses).


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