Featured Alumnus: Josey Vogels

A cottage in Paudash Lake, purchased in 2005, spurred Josey Vogels and her husband, Daniel, to trade in their urban lifestyle in Toronto for a simpler life in the country three years later. At that time, Josey was a freelance writer and relationship advice columnist; her husband was a freelance photographer. The couple’s original plan … Continued

Featured Alumnus: Linda Brauner

REALTOR® Linda Brauner remembers when a real estate offer was contained on one legal-sized (double-sided) page, and salespeople wrote clauses in the allotted half-page on the front.  Today, the forms come in a series (eight series that focus on residential, commercial, buyer, seller, etc.), range from two to six pages long, have been translated into … Continued

The Matrimonial Home

What do I need to know/do if I’m representing a couple selling their matrimonial home? The question is simple, and answer not so much. Here is what you must determine: Is the property, in fact, a ‘matrimonial home’ as defined in law? Section 18 (1) of the Ontario Family Law Act, 1990, defines matrimonial home … Continued

Featured Alumnus: Dominic Cole

In 2005, Dominic Cole, a corporate banker, left his native England and immigrated to Canada with his wife and young children. He was searching for a lifestyle change so he could spend more time with his family. Dominic started his real estate career in 2008 as a sales representative with Royal LePage. In 2009, he … Continued

We have lift off!

In the movie Field of Dreams, Iowa farmer Ray hears a voice in his corn field one night that says, “If you build it, he will come.” Admittedly, this isn’t Iowa and there’s no corn field, but we (the College) have built it (alumni program) and hope you (graduates) join. A graduate’s connection to his … Continued