The Grey Zone

Executive Officers (EOs) of associations have one of the toughest, challenging yet rewarding jobs there is. They get to run an organization like an entrepreneur, interact with all sorts of people and get exposed to issues of local, provincial and national scope. If you don’t like boredom, being an EO is a dream job.  But … Continued

7 questions that lead boards to better decisions

One of the challenges that we see boards of directors struggle with is how to reach a consensus decision. As board members share their perspectives and insights, discussions can get bogged down in unimportant details or get derailed by one member’s personal agenda. To avoid these pitfalls try discussing these Group Decision Making Questions as … Continued

The benefits of volunteering in real estate

by Jane Hurst Serving as president of my real estate board for a year brought me many personal and professional benefits. The experience was a highly positive one, and many of the benefits were unexpected. Although I am outgoing by nature, this position enabled me to develop greater confidence and an enhanced ability to network. … Continued