The ‘Right’ Brokerage

One of the most common questions students in the Pre-registration segment of the Salesperson Registration Education Program is, how do I find a job with a brokerage? The second most common question is, how do I know which brokerage is right for me? To trade in real estate in Ontario, you must be employed by … Continued

Preparing for your first day

You have just been hired by a brokerage following completion of The Pre-registration Segment of The Salesperson Registration Education Program. Your brokerage will be providing an orientation, and an opportunity to ask questions. What questions should you ask? To ensure there are no surprises and you understand who is responsible for what, prepare a list … Continued

How to choose the ‘right’ brokerage

Real estate professionals in Ontario must work for a brokerage. Choosing the ‘right’ brokerage is the key to a successful career in real estate. How do you choose the right brokerage? First, determine the type of brokerage that matches your professional aspirations. Consider the following: • franchise vs. independent • full service vs. limited service … Continued