Are You Prepared?

Having completed the pre-registration segment, having registered with RECO, and having lined up a buyer or seller, do you now wonder “What do I do next?” Are you prepared to represent the buyer or seller? Although OREA Real Estate College incorporates real-world examples of trading in real estate in classroom, correspondence, and online instruction, the … Continued

Real Estate Forms Made Simple

Did you know there are 18 residential listing agreements (and related forms), seven agency agreements (and related forms), four residential lease agreements (and related forms), and 22 commercial forms? Can you name the four types of agency relationships? Can you explain the agency relationship with potential buyer or seller clients? If you cannot say yes … Continued

Are You The REALTOR® Every Client Wants?

You  completed the Pre-registration Segment of the real estate course, have been hired by a brokerage, and are registered with RECO. You have created a list of potential clients and have set up your first interview. How do you convince these potential clients that you are the right person to sell their home? Have a … Continued

How much do you know about multiple offers?

Multiple offers occur when there are two or more competing offers for the same property. These usually occur in a seller market when demand is high and supply is low. There are rules and procedures governing multiple offer situations. How much do you know about them? For example, did you know that the listing brokerage … Continued

Time is of the Essence for Click and Pick

There are several major issues that can have an impact on the value of a single family home and its eventual pricing and sale. These include: sellers unrealistically thinking their property is worth more various building and environmental issues (e.g., contaminated soil and ground water, UFFI, water and moisture problems) a stigmatized property (e.g., there … Continued

Everything You Should Know About Condos

You have just sold a unit in a new condominium building to a couple, who will take possession on an interim occupancy basis. The condominium is not yet registered. Will the buyers be required to pay a monthly occupancy fee? If yes, what would be included in that fee?  If you are not certain of … Continued

Click and Pick: 10 Principles of Privacy

It has been nearly 10 years since the federal government introduced the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2004 (PIPEDA). The main purpose of PIPEDIA is to prevent businesses, including brokerages, from disclosing consumers’ personal information without their permission. Did you know that the Act codifies 10 principles of privacy that were introduced by … Continued