The Condominium Agreement – Simple as AB and “C “

The Condominium Market has grown exponentially in the last few years and more and more Realtors are trading in this marketplace. The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) will be discussing the Condominium Agreement and all its features in OREA’s next webinar, which is scheduled for 1pm on September 20, 2016. Host Cassandra Agnew Walker (OREA) … Continued

Qualifying a condo

Your clients are interested in buying a condo in a particular building/complex. Following are items to consider when you inspect the condo to ensure you can answer your clients’ questions and protect their interests. 1.  How well maintained are the common areas? 2.  How friendly, polite, and helpful is the concierge? You may also want … Continued

Condo challenges: The particulars of the condominium market

Condo challenges: The particulars of the condominium market Condominiums are a different beast from other types of real estate. Two seasoned Ontario REALTORS®, both with more than 25 years of experience in this unique market, discuss the specific challenges of working with condos. They share their insights and experiences to help you navigate a market … Continued

Condominiums – What Every Good Salesperson Should Know

How much do you know about condominiums? Can you answer the following True/False questions? You may have to explain these concepts to clients. 1. An agreement to purchase a brand new condominium unit from a builder can be rescinded within 10 days of receiving a disclosure statement and receiving an executed copy of an Agreement … Continued