It’s easy to lead when the going is good

But what about when conflict rears its ugly head and you’re in the hot seat? That’s when leaders rely on their skills and principles to get them through. If you want to improve how you handle discord, you might want to apply the Principles for Leading through Conflict. We use these in our leadership course … Continued

Hold that Conflict

I’m one of those people who prefers to avoid conflict. I know that’s not such a good approach, so I work to resist the urge to run the other way. One thing that has helped me resist that urge is the conflict resolution training delivered by Warren Wilson. Warren’s session is part of the communication … Continued

Ratchet Down Conflict

We may not want to admit it, but sometimes we’re the reason why small conflicts escalate into much bigger ones. Conflict escalates when we don’t do enough to try to understand the other person. That’s just one of the insights shared in a recent interview with Lise Hebabi, a change consultant with the Intersol Group. … Continued