How much do you know about multiple offers?

Multiple offers occur when there are two or more competing offers for the same property. These usually occur in a seller market when demand is high and supply is low. There are rules and procedures governing multiple offer situations. How much do you know about them? For example, did you know that the listing brokerage … Continued

Click and Pick: 10 Principles of Privacy

It has been nearly 10 years since the federal government introduced the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, 2004 (PIPEDA). The main purpose of PIPEDIA is to prevent businesses, including brokerages, from disclosing consumers’ personal information without their permission. Did you know that the Act codifies 10 principles of privacy that were introduced by … Continued

Money Laundering

Would you be suspicious if a client inadequately explains the last minute substitution of the purchasing party’s name? How about if a client arrives at a real estate closing with a significant amount of money? You should be. These are examples of money laundering, defined as the process used to disguise the source of money … Continued