Customer Service Unplugged

Customer service, how should it be done? That’s a cinch. Some people, however, would argue otherwise, contending it would be much easier to debunk the Big Bang Theory or define how the universe was created out of ‘nothingness’. Well, let’s leave such hyperboles to sitcom writers and renowned theoretical physicist and author Lawrence Krauss, respectively. … Continued

Accomplish more by replacing these 10 killer phrases

We tried that before…it won’t work…we’ve always done it that way…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Statements like those will kill a good idea on the spot. If you want to encourage ideas and find new ways to serve your association members, you need to replace 10 of the most common killer phrases. Learn … Continued

Customizing CRM

In the case of Ruben Thanaruban, what happened in (Las) Vegas is something to boast about. Sage Software Inc., a business management and software services provider, invited Ruben, OREA’s assistant director of information technology, to be a presenter at their annual summit for partners and customers. This year’s summit was held in Las Vegas from … Continued

Putting Customers First

One of OREA’s brand behaviours is “Customers First.” It is a behaviour translated to actions that all OREA departments and OREA Real Estate College endeavour to adhere to at all times. Demonstration of this brand behaviour is especially important for the Customer Service Centre, the first point of contact for members, students, and prospective students. … Continued

Real Estate Etiquette 101

As REALTORS® often times we are over stressed, over worked and underpaid. As we race through our careers we often sprint right past etiquette and good form. Everyone’s time is equally as valuable. And the REALTOR® you were discourteous to today, might be the REALTOR® you need a favour from tomorrow. So in the interest of … Continued

And the survey says…

The Customer Service Centre provides effective and efficient services, respondents have said in the latest study conducted by an independent research company on behalf of OREA Real Estate College. Two weeks ago, we featured the depth of training the College’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) receive, and how this has translated into a consistently high rating … Continued

Leaders Take Their Cue from Service-oriented Staff

We have made a commitment at OREA to exhibit six behaviours that ensure quality service for our members, students and customers. We regularly acknowledge and work on these behaviours to ensure we provide the best service possible. As we wrap up National Customer Service Week, I encourage all leaders to embrace these behaviours as well. … Continued

OREA Government Relations Reflects on National Customer Service Week

This week OREA is participating in National Customer Service Week. Reflecting on this year’s theme, “Think Service”, OREA is working to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to service excellence. But what does that mean exactly for OREA Government Relations? OREA’s Government Relations Department is committed to serving our members by ensuring their voice is heard at … Continued

Raising the Bar for Customer Service

By now, you have all heard that customer service is the first point of contact for members, students, and potential students. You have also heard that the College’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) have consistently earned a high rating from respondents. The College conducts quarterly research to gauge the effectiveness of services being provided by the … Continued

Think Service: National Customer Service Week, Oct 7-11 2013

This week is National Customer Service Week and OREA is participating by recognizing and celebrating customer service. Each year, OREA joins in with thousands of companies from around the world who, like us, believe in putting customers first. Organizations that celebrate Customer Service Week represent leading financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retailing, hospitality, communications, not-for-profit, and … Continued