Living the Service Mission

Dr. Chris Bart has been a presenter at the OREA Leadership Conference on a variety of topics, but his presentation on The Service Mission is especially relevant as we head into National Customer Service week next week. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Chris about this topic in this month’s video … Continued

Focus on Customer Service

OREA Real Estate College conducted its first Customer Satisfaction Tracking Study in 2008 to gauge the effectiveness of service being provided by the Customer Service Centre. This research is a way to ensure the College continues to serve the needs of members, students, and potential students who contact the Centre. The results that follow reflect … Continued

Managing Expectations

In our industry, and in life, I have found that we are constantly dealing with the most challenging variable of all, people’s expectations. These expectations, as complex and simplistic as they may be, are tough to anticipate, or evaluate, unless you attempt to manage them. Managing expectations helps to keep all parties involved in a … Continued

Committed to Customer Service

It’s been nearly five years since OREA Real Estate College launched the Customer Satisfaction Tracking Study to gauge the effectiveness of services being provided by the College’s Customer Service Centre. The results, shown below, confirm that our customer service representatives (CSRs) have been consistently committed to providing service excellence. In 2009, 90 per cent of … Continued

Steady As They Go

Actually, the correct phrasing is ‘steady as she goes,’ a nautical term meaning keeping a steady course. With minor wording modifications, it can also apply to the College’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). In this context, it refers to the continued positive results of the CSRs in the most recent tracking study. A few blogs ago … Continued

Customer Service Unplugged

Customer service, how should it be done? That’s a cinch.

Some people, however, would argue otherwise, contending it would be much easier to debunk the Big Bang Theory or define how the universe was created out of ‘nothingness’

Making Each Caller Interaction a Positive Experience

Customer service representatives (CSRs) – these individuals are key points of contact for many of OREA’s members, students, and potential students. Staffing the College’s Customer Service Centre from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., CSRs answer questions ranging from course enrolment, to exam scheduling and rescheduling, to forgotten passwords. The Customer Service Centre receives more than … Continued

Happy Customer Service Week

This is National Customer Service Week (Oct 3-7, 2011). To all our members and students, we thank you for being a valued customer of OREA. Drop by our office for free cookies and refreshments. It’s our pleasure to provide ongoing improved service and member benefits to you. We value your feedback to help us meet … Continued