To every yin, there’s a yang

We live in a binary world. Dualities, mostly opposites, reign supreme. For example, there is good and there is evil. There are mothers and daughters. Lies and truths. The French and the English. The general and the specific. The Leafs and the Habs. The teacher and student. The left brain and the right brain. The … Continued

Just how nimble are your decisions?

If you volunteer on a board of directors or a committee, you probably work hard to make good decisions. Yet we all know that many things can get in the way of that happening. In the newest Leadership Podcast from the OREA Centre for Leadership Development, Juanita Gledhill takes a closer look at Nimble Decision … Continued

Insights on Volunteer Development with Non-Profit Organizations

On September 15th OREA Staff, Elaine La Chappelle, Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Kathryn Neals, CAE, Manager of Project Development of the OREA Centre for Leadership Development, presented at the CSAE Annual Conference in Saskatoon. The Canadian Society of Association Executives is Canada’s only national organization serving the needs of association professionals, charities and … Continued