Get Yourself a Mentor

Plop! You’ve graduated and landed, hitting the ground running. Poof! You’re registered and now you’re a real estate professional. Not so fast my dear rabbit. In this instance, you are better off trotting with the turtles. You cannot disregard that schooling is to knowledge what mentoring is to mastery of skills. Succeeding in academia is … Continued

What is governance anyway?

Lyn McDonell has worked in the not-for-profit sector for many years, as a volunteer and as a consultant. One topic that she finds many people need to understand better is governance. If you are one of those people and want to better understand what governance is, here is an article by Lyn on What is What … Continued

What is your signature?

Your fingerprints are unique. Not so with your physique. We are all humble physical variations on a basic theme, regardless of gender. In contrast, your behavioural signature, comparable to your fingerprints, is profound and exceptional. Like a snowflake, there is no other you. What makes you tick, what makes your talents shine and lead you … Continued

Is WHO on first?

“Enough already. Such a deluge of questions. You’re burying me with so many imponderables!” Students, rest assured that your instructor is not trying to frustrate you. These folks have your best interest at heart and are simply trying to engage you in productive learning experiences. Questions make you think. An abundance of probing questions make … Continued

The Long and the Short of It

Such is our crazy busy life that even our short messages are viewed as too long. We are immersed in a world of communication laced with abbreviations and emoticons. While ‘U r ok’ messaging is the new graffiti, let’s not delude ourselves that it replaces poetry or that instant messaging is the toll bell of … Continued

College Wins LERN Award

The Learning Resources Network (LERN) has awarded the 2015 LERN International Award for Excellence in Programming to OREA Real Estate College for the College’s unique application of blended learning and flipped classrooms. The award is bestowed on a program deemed to be creative, innovative, and exemplary. The world’s largest association in continuing education and lifelong … Continued

The Power of Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. Infusing case studies with storytelling, not just factual issues, provides students with opportunities to solve problems applying creative and critical thinking skills. We never want to dictate understandings. We want students, different as they may be, to understand meaning, draw inferences, and interpret information to discover universal experiences and truths. … Continued

Video Blog for Trainers: Don’t Answer that Question!

If you facilitate training sessions, you probably get lots of questions from your students. As a subject matter expert you may have a tendency to simply answer those questions. That’s the most natural response. It feels like you’re being helpful, sharing your knowledge with others. Have you ever considered not answering those questions? There may … Continued

The Right Blend

No ideal model of blended learning exists. It is the responsibility of the educational provider to create a model that is appropriate for the program and the students. OREA Real Estate College is on track with creating the right mix for its blended learning model currently being developed. In fact, the College is at the … Continued

Put a little history in your teaching

Forget history and you are doomed to repeat it is a saying for myopic minds. I’m not disputing the veracity of the statement. I am taking issue with the narrowness of how so many people have interpreted it. For elementary and secondary students, you often hear the lament, “What do I care about past World … Continued