Video Blog for Trainers: Don’t Answer that Question!

If you facilitate training sessions, you probably get lots of questions from your students. As a subject matter expert you may have a tendency to simply answer those questions. That’s the most natural response. It feels like you’re being helpful, sharing your knowledge with others. Have you ever considered not answering those questions? There may … Continued

Video Blog for Trainers: Facilitating Large Groups

Over the years I’ve often been asked to increase the number of participants at our leadership courses. The way the courses are designed, the ideal number of participants is 20 – 30.  With groups larger than that it can be challenging to get the same results. Despite my hesitance, there are times when it makes … Continued

Trainer Blog: Ask vs. Tell

I spend my days designing and delivering training to association volunteer leaders through the OREA Centre for Leadership Development. Developing the skills of people who donate their time and hearts to a worthwhile endeavour is a rewarding profession, yet I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that at times it’s a challenging task. When people aren’t … Continued