Ontario government introduces Climate Change Action Plan

Today, the Ontario government announced their Five-Year Climate Change Action Plan. Included in the plan is a home energy rating and disclosure program (HER&D). HER&D is a mandatory home energy audit regime for single-family homes that forces a homeowner to conduct an energy audit before they list their home. The program then requires the seller … Continued

What to expect as a new young professional

So you’ve just got your real estate license, or you’re in the process of obtaining it.  You’ve been studying and haven’t even begun to think about what being a new professional in the business really looks like. What can you expect?  Expect not to know everything (and make sure you know who to call for … Continued

OREA’s Next Webinar Can Help with Clause-trophobia

  OREA’s popular standard forms webinar series is returning at 1:00pm on June 21st to address the topic of Creating and Using Standard Clauses. Hosts Cassandra Agnew Walker and John Burnet will once again team up to provide members with an update and refresher on the topic. Clause writing can be frustrating and clause drafting errors can … Continued

Advocacy Campaign Wins on National Stage

The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) won a bronze award from the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) for its advocacy campaign to stop the spread of the municipal land transfer tax (MLTT) beyond Toronto. The campaign, “Say No to Another Home Owner Tax: Don’t Tax My Dream”, placed third in the Canadian Government Relations Campaign … Continued

Glitches on Title Searches

Consider a title search on a property as a background check – records in the public land registration office are inspected to determine the current state of title to the property and ensure no encumbrances exist that may prevent buyers from taking full possession of the property. What is title searching? In a nutshell, then, … Continued

Emotions in real estate: Be a calming influence

Buying or selling a home is fraught with emotion and the sooner you accept that, the better you will be able to help your clients handle the challenges of the transaction. The Edge newsletter spoke with three Ontario REALTORS® about how they approach the emotional issues that arise during a home sale or purchase. Emotions … Continued

A Teacher’s Lullaby

Teaching puts me to sleep. Yes, it’s true. After 40 years on the education scene, I still find, beyond everything that is professionally reasonable, teaching sessions at workshops, conferences, and academia that are more potent than the strongest off-the-counter sleeping pill. One more yawn and my jawbones will veer off in separate directions. In elementary … Continued