Our Graduates Speak For Themselves: Michelle Morgan

One of the reasons Michelle Morgan chose real estate as a career was because of flexible work hours. The mother of twin girls wanted to be able to attend her daughters’ school functions, such as lunchtime concerts. Another reason was unlimited income potential. “I just thought that I needed to have a career where there … Continued

Our Graduates Speak for Themselves: Sahir Jamal

Sahir Jamal considers himself a part of the landscape of the city. “I drive down the street, I turn to my wife and say, ‘that home there, I sold that home’. Or I’ll be downtown and say ‘I put somebody in business over there’,” says Sahir,  a sales representative and OREA Real Estate College graduate. … Continued

Our Graduates Speak For Themselves: Brian Santos

Some individuals choose a career in real estate; others fall into it. Brian Santos fell into it. In our second blog installment of Our Graduate Speak for Themselves, REALTOR® Brian Santos, of Peak Realty Ltd., discusses how he enrolled in the OREA Real Estate College on a whim. “I never really anticipated having a career … Continued

Our Graduates Speak For Themselves

It’s not polite to put words into other people’s mouths. OREA Real Estate College prides itself in having shaped the real estate education and the real estate profession here in Ontario. But we’ll let our graduates tell you why the College is a great place to learn and how it prepares students for practising real … Continued

The OREA Real Estate College is coming to you!

The OREA Real Estate College participates in a number of events throughout the year.  Check out our current listings below.  Universities/Community Colleges As students are slowly settling back into school, the OREA Real Estate College will be out and about attending different university fairs; where there will be an opportunity to learn about a potential … Continued