Home Staging 101

It’s officially winter. So, what better time than to focus inward, to preparing a home to make it presentable and ready for showing. In its simplest form, home staging means making a home presentable for presentation. Please note, the tips that follow are not intended to replace the services of a professional home stager. Tip … Continued

Home staging – the virtual way

Most home buyers begin their search independently using the internet, a medium that skews largely in favour of the visual. A property listing can rise or fall on the strength of its accompanying photographs. It’s a simple line to draw: great imagery generates more interest, which encourages more foot traffic to the property, which sets … Continued

Open Doors: The Real Estate Version

For two days every May since 2000, nearly 600 buildings across Toronto have opened their doors to the public. These are buildings of architectural, cultural, historical, and social significance. Consider open houses to attract potential buyers as a Realtor’s® own version of the Doors Open festival. However, you must prepare before you open the doors. … Continued