REALTOR® to Content Junkie

Are you following some of the action from Inman Connect? (#ICNY on Twitter).  Richard Silver, the president of the Toronto Real Estate Board is a baby-boomer and has been selling real estate for 32 years.  He’s here at Inman Connect to tell us what to talk about on our blogs. His presentation alone shows that he … Continued

The Tablet Revolution

Day two of the Inman Connect (follow along on twitter at #ICNY) conference kicks off with Jason Baptiste, the Co-founder and CEO of OnSwipe. If you own an iPad, head to and swipe, pinch, and tap away.  It’s so easy to navigate. For effect, Jason plays the following video to show how the iPad … Continued

Branding – Start With the Why

Inman Connect New York, a conference for brokers, REALTORS® and those in the real estate business taking place Wednesday January 11th – Friday January 13th is full of engaging speakers on technology, and social media.  For updates, many people are live blogging from the event and you can follow along on Twitter at #ICNY. I … Continued

Building a Luxury Brand

Have you heard of Better Homes and Gardens?  Probably.  What do you remember it as?  The old magazine your grandma used to read…or do you now know it as a next generation real estate brand?  Sherry  Chris, the President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens, a speaker at Inman Connect NY asks, “How do … Continued

Your Brand, Your DNA

There is a lot of competition in real estate.  The question during the building brand equity session at Inman Connect is: how do you set yourself apart through branding? Let’s start with describing your brand as your core DNA.  It’s the core and essence of who you are. So branding is how you tell your … Continued

Be Conspicuous, Connected and Convenient.

Bev Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer at Century 21 speaks on being conspicuous, connected, and convenient. We are living in a world of information overload.  So, short and sweet, this is how you navigate that world: Rule One: Be Conspicuous. Use technology to be everywhere. Rule Two: Be Connected. Proactively engage on all platforms.  Consumers choose … Continued

Correlation: Social Media & Income

Good morning everyone! Within the next two days, you’ll see plenty of updates to the OREA blog as I’ll be live blogging from Inman Connect in New York. Brad Inman kicked off the two and a half day conference discussing how quality matters.  With the disruption of the value chain in real estate, and in the age … Continued