Say hello to Sarah Higgins

  One piece of advice Sarah Higgins imparts to her students is the same piece of advice she received when she started as a salesperson nearly 14 years ago. “This older REALTOR® in my office came up to me and said, ‘Sarah, bank your first cheque’, and he was right because you don’t know when … Continued

Meet Our Real Estate Instructors

Learning at OREA Real Estate College means learning from a practising and successful subject-matter expert. In this blog, we present Lois Willis. When Lois began instructing at OREA Real Estate College nearly 30 years ago, she presented material using a blackboard and chalk, which Lois recalls as “messy and time-consuming.” After the blackboard, she switched … Continued

College Instructors: An Overview

No one is perfect. Still, OREA Real Estate College has assembled a core group of instructors who are subject-matter experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the classroom to ensure students receive quality education. We believe this to be a perfect combination. Our instructors, a total of 90 in 2014, … Continued