10 Reasons to Call the Instructor Support Line

Assistance is only a phone call away. To help students succeed and enjoy their learning experience, OREA Real Estate College offers several learning tools and resources. Once such resource is the Instructor Support Line. Following are 10 reasons why students should call the Instructor Support Line. We’re here to help. The Instructor Support Line is … Continued

Learning Tools to Help You Succeed

We can all use a little help at times. OREA Real Estate College offers learning tools that will help you gain a better understanding of course content, prepare you to write exams, transition to the real world of real estate trading, and keep current with College news and events from any location. Gain a better … Continued

Helping Students – and New Registrants – Succeed

In a recent post on the online education forum, a student asked about compound interest, covered in Real Estate as a Professional Career. The student wanted a simple explanation and if the question would appear on the exam. The answer to the second question is definitely maybe. College exams are generated by AXIS, a database … Continued

So Many Threads…

Does the requisition date (clause 8) in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale throw you for a loop? It did one student who requested a simple explanation for that clause on the online discussion forum (in the Real Estate Transaction-General thread). Here’s the scoop: Clause 8 has two parts – the requisition date (the date … Continued

You have the questions… We have the answers

A Real Property Law student posted the following question on the College’s online education forum:  Do we need the landlord’s consent and approval in both Residential and Commercial real estate for assignment and subletting, or only for Residential assignment and subletting? This is one of thousands of questions posted on the forums, moderated by the … Continued