Words are worth a thousand pictures

Believing that “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be what’s wrong with your ability to learn. In today’s fast-paced society, digital pictures, videos, e-maps, and graphics flood the information channels. The art of writing, on the other hand, appears to be on a steep nosedive aimed at Shakespeare’s grave. Snapshots have displaced words, … Continued

Visualize your message for more impact

Why say it when you can show it? That question was the driver behind our recent leap into the infographic world here at the OREA Centre for Leadership Development (OCLD). Now instead of explaining the OCLD learning path for volunteer leaders, we’re showing it. More and more you’ll see organizations use graphics to illustrate messages, … Continued

Less is more

For all the years I’ve designed training programs, I’ve often caught myself trying to teach too much in a session. Turns out, that’s quite common. We trainers often feel that if we add more content, people will learn more. In fact, it’s more likely that they will learn less. That’s because when we jam too much content into … Continued

Key Financial Questions For Association Directors

If you are a director on an association board of directors, one of your key roles is to ensure that the finances are sufficient to run the association, sustain it during financial downfalls and provide value to members. Here’s a great tool from the OREA Centre for Leadership Development Leadership Library that might help you … Continued

You’ve joined a committee. Now what?

If you’ve just volunteered to sit on an association committee or task force, congratulations! It’s likely you’re excited for this new opportunity to give back. You might also be a bit nervous about being a part of a committee for the first time. We have a fabulous way for you to kick start your learning and quickly become … Continued

What is governance anyway?

Lyn McDonell has worked in the not-for-profit sector for many years, as a volunteer and as a consultant. One topic that she finds many people need to understand better is governance. If you are one of those people and want to better understand what governance is, here is an article by Lyn on What is What … Continued

What’s fun got to do with it?

Love or fun, which is it? Choose, I’m serious. You can’t have both, at least not during the commencement of knowledge. To awaken, to enliven, to love learning, paradoxically, you must start with fun. It’s the fun experience in life or in the classroom, bricks and mortar or virtual, that excites, inspires, and develops abilities … Continued

Are you in the dark on governance

When I started working with OREA 7 years ago, I knew very little about the world of associations. When I heard people talk about governance I was more than a little embarrassed that I hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. I faked it for some time before I admitted I needed to learn … Continued

Video Blog for Trainers: Slides are not Handouts

Go to any seminar or conference and you are likely to receive copies of the slides as your handouts. Seems sufficient enough. But is that the best approach? Watch a short video about rethinking the use of slides as handouts Consider that slides and handouts have two very different purposes. When we attempt to use … Continued

Hold that Conflict

I’m one of those people who prefers to avoid conflict. I know that’s not such a good approach, so I work to resist the urge to run the other way. One thing that has helped me resist that urge is the conflict resolution training delivered by Warren Wilson. Warren’s session is part of the communication … Continued