Bring order to your meetings

There are few complaints I hear more from volunteers than those regarding poorly run meetings. REALTORS® share their precious time when they volunteer. They want that time to be productive, so when board or committee meetings get derailed, or run over time, or fail to accomplish their objectives, it’s frustrating for everyone. Associations can dial … Continued

A wake up call for meeting organizers

There are many times I have heard volunteers say after a meeting, “What a waste of time – we should have been finished an hour ago.” That should be a wake up call to all of us who organize meetings. Even comedian Milton Berle knew how painful meetings could be when he said,“A committee or … Continued

Rein in Your Meetings

If you’re involved in meetings, whether as a Chair or an attendee, you’ve probably experienced a meeting that’s gone off track. One of the best ways to get control of meetings is by adopting meeting guidelines. These guidelines define the behaviours that the group agrees to abide by during their meetings. Try having the group … Continued