How to inspire and motivate others through storytelling

  This guest blog contribution is from Kate Hodgson When I first entered the workforce I took a position that ended up being outsourced to a new company within the year of being hired. This decision affected a department of about 100 people and understandably made everyone nervous. During the months of transition this sentiment … Continued

What is your signature?

Your fingerprints are unique. Not so with your physique. We are all humble physical variations on a basic theme, regardless of gender. In contrast, your behavioural signature, comparable to your fingerprints, is profound and exceptional. Like a snowflake, there is no other you. What makes you tick, what makes your talents shine and lead you … Continued

Students Take Charge!

Nothing, in learning, should take you as a surprise. Uncertainty is acceptable, but unawareness is indefensible. You all expect teachers to plan their lessons methodically and deliver the course material in bite-sized, prioritized, absorbable chunks that challenge you through engaging activities. Indeed, commanding instructors plan accordingly and leave time for review and deeper understanding. However, … Continued