Hone your negotiation skills

Negotiating skills are an essential part of your toolkit in real estate. As a skilled professional, you work hard to satisfy your clients and close the deal successfully. Discover how three Ontario REALTORS® approach negotiations with the will to succeed. Say the word “chickens”, and Einas Makki is likely to laugh, because these barnyard fowl … Continued

The Art of Negotiation, Part 2

A successful negotiation in which all parties feel a sense of accomplishment requires a shift in mindset, to “we all win” from “I win, you lose.” If this mindset is not in place first, the six negotiating tips discussed in last week’s blog may not be entirely useful. Assuming your mindset has shifted to the … Continued

The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is not an exact science; it’s an art that requires practise, tuning, and fine-tuning. It requires strong communication skills, especially the ability to listen. It requires a shift in thinking from the “I win, you lose” mentality to “we all win” mentality. As a real estate professional, negotiation is something you will be doing … Continued