You have the questions… We have the answers

A Real Property Law student posted the following question on the College’s online education forum:  Do we need the landlord’s consent and approval in both Residential and Commercial real estate for assignment and subletting, or only for Residential assignment and subletting? This is one of thousands of questions posted on the forums, moderated by the … Continued

College Exams: Conversion Tables and Formulas

You are preparing to write the exam for Real Estate as a Professional Career and are wondering whether you need to memorize the conversion table and other formulas. The above question was recently posted on the College’s online education forum, accessed through students’ My Portfolio accounts.  The answer to the question is no, you need … Continued

Student Support to Help You Succeed

In a recent post on the online Education Forum, a student asked about the difference between reproduction cost and replacement cost. This topic, which relates to appraisal, is covered in Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading (the second course of the Pre-registration segment of The Salesperson Registration Program). Do you know the difference? Reproduction cost … Continued