Helping Students – and New Registrants – Succeed

In a recent post on the online education forum, a student asked about compound interest, covered in Real Estate as a Professional Career. The student wanted a simple explanation and if the question would appear on the exam. The answer to the second question is definitely maybe. College exams are generated by AXIS, a database … Continued

Still Only a Mouse Click Away

“If you build it, he will come,” says the voice in the 1989 movie Field of Dreams.  We built it – the online education forums– and you came – more than 15,000 – and we would like to acknowledge one such individual. About three years ago, MHT (aka Matthew Tenk) clicked on his mouse and … Continued

It’s Only a Mouse Click Away

Don’t know the difference between a client and a customer? Having problems with housing measurements (does it include the dormer)? Not certain how to calculate the adjusted nominal rate using the HP10B11 calculator? These are but a sample of the numerous questions posted and discussed on our online education forums. Located in the My Portfolio … Continued