Current Toronto and Ontario Housing Markets

An exciting, colourful new video helps Ontario consumers to understand the nature of the current housing market and the value of using a REALTOR®. This animated short video has been created by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). It presents housing statistics in a lively and easy-to-digest manner for the public. Home buyers and sellers can … Continued

How Committee Involvement Can Elevate your Career

    Written by Steve Kotan   With new Committees set to launch at the Ontario Real Estate Association, now is a great time for you to evaluate how volunteering on a Committee can further your career goals. Although it may not be for everyone, there are numerous benefits to participating on a Committee at … Continued

Nine things to do in real estate’s slow season

  Winter is often a quiet period in real estate. Don’t waste this time. There are many ways to spend these hours wisely that will help you in your real estate career and save you some hassles during the busier times of the year.     Develop your annual action plan. Set business goals; specify … Continued

Apply Now to be a 2017 YPN Leadership Award Winner

The nomination process for the Ontario Real Estate Association’s 2017 YPN Leadership Awards is now open. The YPN Leadership Awards promote excellence in Real Estate while helping to foster continued leadership. Winners are recognized among Real Estate leaders from across the province at OREA’s Annual General Meeting, and via extensive online coverage. They are also … Continued

Leadership Lessons with our CEO

Recently our CEO, Edward Barisa, was asked by the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) to share some advice for the next generation of leaders. Here is what Ed had to say about the lessons he has learned: Association management is all about people. It took me a while to learn that. I thought it … Continued

Mentorships and Succession Planning

When I first started in Real Estate in the 1970’s (yes I know many of you had not yet been born), there was no real support, mentorships or training.  I was told by the others in my office (mostly men and mostly well over 40 years of age) that I did not have a chance … Continued

Cut volunteers a bit of slack

For 32 years I have been amazed at the contributions that REALTORS® make as volunteer leaders at their local, provincial and national associations. I don’t know of any other profession that earns its income by commission and gives up as much time as Realtors do, not only to their own trade association but to many … Continued

E-Signatures…Why Not

I want to start by saying this was meant to be a VLOG, not a BLOG post. I had full intentions of sitting down at my computer and  taking an awesome video for you all, but then I got this cold. This awful, nasty, can’t stop coughing type of cold. So I thought I would … Continued

Celebrate home ownership on National Real Estate Day

Tuesday, May 17 is National Real Estate Day. This is a day for all Canadians to celebrate the benefits of home ownership. Home ownership offers many benefits to families and communities. If you are looking for a way to build a solid financial future, owning a home is a great approach that also provides shelter. … Continued