Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it!

Have you ever wanted and waited for something to happen and finally it did? I’m talking about consolidation of MLS® in Ontario, where all REALTORS® will have seamless access to all MLS® information. Yes, we’ve had some fine examples of information sharing and common MLS® data bases like in Toronto/GTA, Ottawa/Renfrew and London/Tillsonburg. But there … Continued

Telling Stories Out of School (gossip)

We could all go on about the clichés like “loose lips sink ships” or “be careful with the words you use”, but the main message is what you say reflects on everyone. I hear this frequently when it comes to REALTORS® or volunteer leaders…..people not being careful about what they say. Ok, let me give … Continued

What is your meaning of “nimble” at the boardroom table?

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick, so runs the nursery rhyme.  Even today this phrase expresses a suggestion to be quick and agile.  Agile has many meanings, i.e. nimble, responsive, swift, lively… you get the drift, right? One year ago the OREA Centre for leadership Development launched a “Nimble Decision … Continued

Are you killing some of the best ideas?

Good leadership is about resisting the notion that you know best simply because you’ve got the biggest office or paycheck, according to Jane Perdue of Braithwaite Innovation Group. In her article, Lead with an Open Mind, she says, “Don’t be so quick to conclude that those who hold a differing opinion are wrong or misguided … Continued