OREA ESA Message by President Ettore Cardarelli

  Dear Member,  For over sixty years, OREA, and the OREA Real Estate College have been the provider of real estate education in Ontario.  In March of 2016, RECO issued an RFP for the selection of an organization to deliver its new Registration Education Program. However, following an extensive RFP process, RECO has informed us … Continued

Uncommon Common Sense

“Yesterday I died.” It’s a common feeling among students subjected to communication and teaching styles based on ‘common sense’. “First tell them what you’re going to say. Then, tell them. In the end, tell them what you said, again.” This is sheer nonsense. I doubt this recommended, repetitive rubbish was ever true. It continues to … Continued

Presenters Quiver

Standing in front of an audience and giving a speech makes some presenters quiver. It evokes the closest thing to cardiac arrest. Solution? Don’t do it. But… it’s part of my job description as a learning professional. It’s required to ensure learners receive the needed training and preparation for their eventual jobs. Actually, it’s not. … Continued

What is due diligence?

In real estate transactions, due diligence is the reasonable analysis or research that is done to check or verify material information about a property. Due diligence is not part of the legislation per se. What is referenced is “material fact.” According to the REBBA 2002 Code of Ethics: “material fact” means, with respect to the … Continued