Seven tips to show your professionalism

  The following is the second instalment in a series of tips on showing professionalism. Here are seven ways to demonstrate your professionalism to real estate colleagues.   Never bad-mouth another salesperson. Although real estate is a competitive business, you should always speak respectfully about other REALTORS®. Always take the high road. If a seller you’ve … Continued

Managing in the lean seasons

When your phone is not ringing and the real estate market seems as frozen as the snowdrift on your front lawn, don’t despair. Seasoned REALTORS® know that the lean times won’t last, as long as you take steps to manage your business and finances. Although winter is typically a slower period in real estate, that … Continued

Nine things to do in real estate’s slow season

  Winter is often a quiet period in real estate. Don’t waste this time. There are many ways to spend these hours wisely that will help you in your real estate career and save you some hassles during the busier times of the year.     Develop your annual action plan. Set business goals; specify … Continued

“Unreal” estate – Protecting buyers of unbuilt property

Selling a home or condo from the drawing board before it has been built is quite different from dealing with a resale property. When a buyer is purchasing from plans, REALTORS® can tell them more about the pre-construction phase and protect them from problems that may crop up. The Edge newsletter talked to three Ontario … Continued

Venues announced for fall technology series

Locations have now been confirmed for technology and business strategy events for real estate professionals this fall. You can keep up to date with emerging technology and market trends in real estate by coming to one or more events in a series offered across Ontario. The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) is reprising its popular … Continued

Challenging clients: How to cope without losing your cool

Success in real estate depends on establishing relationships with people of all sorts. Deals proceed smoothly when REALTORS® and their clients are working towards a common goal, but occasionally the road gets bumpy. The Edge newsletter spoke with three Ontario Realtors to get an understanding of how they handle challenging clients. When it comes to clients, … Continued

Real estate: More than just sales

Members of the public seem to think that all I do is sell houses. While that is part of my work, the amount of time I spend selling represents just 20 per cent of my job activities. The role of the REALTOR®, in my view, is not so much a salesperson but more of a … Continued

Let’s negotiate: Ability to reach agreement vital

  If you lack negotiation skills, you won’t be able to put together a deal for your clients or keep your business afloat. Negotiating skills are crucial in real estate and, luckily, they can be learned on the job and improved throughout your career. The REALTOR® Edge newsletter spoke with two Ontario REALTORS® and a … Continued