OREA 2012 Strategic Planning Update

At OREA’s most recent strategic planning session in March 2012 – we challenged ourselves to be bold, aware and committed. Energized by the CREA Futures Planning exercise, we became aware of the enormous challenges of technology, consumer demands and member needs that REALTORS® face on a day-to-day basis.  Even more importantly, we knew that as your … Continued

Introducing OREA’s 2012 Board of Directors

As I begin my 2012 presidency term, along for the ride with me are the following dedicated individuals, who on Febuary 29th 2012 were inducted as the Ontario Real Estate Association’s new Board of Directors. Together we will help shape the future of OREA and the real estate industry.  BARBARA SUKKAU – Immediate Past President Active in … Continued

The Real Estate Business is a lot like a Motorcycle Ride

This year we celebrate OREA’s 90th anniversary. That’s 90 years of helping REALTORS® succeed. I am very proud to have been a REALTOR for exactly one half of those years.

Speaking of history, I was recently reminded that even back in high school, I enjoyed motorcycles.

Like the history of OREA, I know that motorcycle riding is sometimes a bumpy ride but the journey has certainly been most rewarding. That brings me to the theme I have chosen for this year– “ride into the future”. I am so happy that you will be riding with us.

What an Incredible Year it has Been

When each and every president said to me “the year goes by really fast” I never really got it until now. It is so true and what an incredible year it has been.

In my incoming president’s speech I used the term, “if not now, when”…and this is the mantra that I repeated throughout the year to keep not only myself on track but also to keep the association focused on its goals. The time has come to start embracing CREA’s futures planning, start taking action, and start making decisions.

REALTORS® Support Public Registry of Grow Ops – Radio Interview

Since late spring, I’ve been involved in OREA’s efforts to promote REALTOR® value. I’ve had the privilege to be quoted many times in newspaper articles that are reinforcing the value that REALTORS® bring to the transaction. Often these newspaper stories create interest from other media and the radio interview below is the latest example of … Continued