Real Gold or Fools Gold?

Years ago, Realtors® found new listings for their prospective buyers by gathering at their local association and talking to each other about what homes they had for sale, offering incentive to other Realtors to bring their buyers. Then, organization came, and Realtors with buyers found themselves searching the Photo Co-Op System. Essentially, it was a … Continued

When life gives you lemons, how do you make lemonade?

We’ve all heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  But in a busy profession like real estate, especially in today’s red hot market, REALTORS® don’t have time for the “lemons” of life. So what do you do if you are served a lemon? Maybe this “lemon” was a sign that you need … Continued

10 Apps to Assist Realtors® with their day-to-day business

Zapier Before we give you all these apps, we need to provide you with the glue for them.  Once you decide to go crazy downloading apps that will help you with your day-to-day activities, it will be much easier to have all of them working tandemly.  Zapier will connect all your apps and automate your … Continued

Get Plugged in to the Real Estate Industry through OREA’s YPN

As the newest Chair of OREA’s YPN Committee, I’m thrilled to share how we’ve been working to help REALTORS® and to introduce our 2017-18 Committee members. Last year was a productive one for your provincial YPN Committee. We created new resources for OREA members, including a vlogging toolkit, and a series of videos highlighting tips … Continued

OREA’s 2016 YPN Blog “Contributor of the Year”

Marco Da Silva heads Asima Realty Limited in Mississauga, Ontario, and is OREA’s 2016 YPN Blog “Contributor of the Year”. In the following interview, he discusses how he has made blogging part of his successful business strategy.   1. Marco your blog post generated such incredible buzz on social media last year. What is the secret … Continued

What to do when technology fails us

Today, technology failed me. Again. This isn’t the first time, second time or last time that technology will kick me in the butt and stick its condescending tongue out at me. No sir, technology will, most definitely, fail me again.  So what’s a girl (or boy) to do when this happens? Well,my friends, that’s when … Continued

What clients really want: Attract and retain more clients.

This blog post comes from our YPN contributor of the year Marco Da Silva. This is one of Marco’s posts that was originally published in August of 2016. I’m about to share one of the most valuable skill sets I’ve developed over my 14 years of practicing Real Estate. One that has transformed the way … Continued

Meet Five of Ontario’s Most Outstanding Real Estate Leaders

  By YPN Chair Steve Kotan   As Chair of OREA’s YPN Committee I get to meet some of our professions brightest and most enthusiastic REALTORS® as well as board Executive Officers and staff. One of my favourite parts about being Chair is the YPN Leadership Awards. The quality of the applications that have come … Continued

Supporting a Family on a Single Real Estate Income

With the proper planning, being a sole income earner is not only attainable but may be the perfect solution for your family. In this video, OREA YPN Committee Member Sandra Kirkland provides several tips based in personal experience for making this option work for you and your family.