Time flies: Organizing your day

Staying organized and managing your workload effectively are crucial to success in real estate. Three REALTORS® from across Ontario share their strategies for managing their schedules. Given the multitude of tasks involved in real estate, it can often feel like a challenge to stay on top of it all. Successful Realtors learn early in their … Continued

Get organized and stay organized

In boy scouts, the motto is “be prepared.” This can be applied to real estate as well. Organization is the key to success, and there are many things you can do to get organized and stay organized. “Managing the slower periods wisely will help you immensely in busy times.” In our line of work, most … Continued

Tips to Stay Organized

Meeting clients, returning phone calls, showings, and home evaluations. Let us acknowledge that we need to be organized to succeed. Staying organized has a ton of advantages. Arriving on time shows competence Calling on time shows professionalism Being prepared for home evaluations Presentations Whether you, email, bring a folder, use your tablets, or smartphones. Staying … Continued