Talkin’ About Real Estate

Marg Gourlay was destined for the real estate profession because all she did was talk about real estate. After 39 years in the profession, Marg still enjoys talking about real estate. She enjoyed talking about it so much that 28 years ago, she became an instructor for the College. She still is. “I love listing … Continued

Our Graduates Speak For Themselves: Balwinder Chouhan

How does one go from the dental profession to the real estate profession? They enrol in OREA Real Estate College, which is what Balwinder Chouhan did in 2005 when she began her first course – Real Estate as a Professional Career.  The reason for the career switch was an interest in owning her own business. … Continued

Larry Cerqua ‘Speaks for Himself’

“It’s in my blood,” says Larry Cerqua. The broker and OREA Real Estate instructor is still excited about real estate even after more than 30 years in the profession. “It’s been awesome. It’s rewarding. It’s given me unbelievable amounts of energy.” Teaching is also in Larry’s blood. He has been an instructor for the College … Continued

Our Graduates Speak For Themselves: Michelle Morgan

One of the reasons Michelle Morgan chose real estate as a career was because of flexible work hours. The mother of twin girls wanted to be able to attend her daughters’ school functions, such as lunchtime concerts. Another reason was unlimited income potential. “I just thought that I needed to have a career where there … Continued