The Matrimonial Home

What do I need to know/do if I’m representing a couple selling their matrimonial home? The question is simple, and answer not so much. Here is what you must determine: Is the property, in fact, a ‘matrimonial home’ as defined in law? Section 18 (1) of the Ontario Family Law Act, 1990, defines matrimonial home … Continued

Evergreen content: 10 ideas for REALTORS®

Evergreen web content is the gift that keeps on giving. It is helpful content that’s relevant all year round, won’t date and (if properly optimised) will keep generating traffic for you over long periods of time. How do you create content with such enduring appeal? Here are 10 suggestions. 1. Industry acronyms are baffling to … Continued

We have lift off!

In the movie Field of Dreams, Iowa farmer Ray hears a voice in his corn field one night that says, “If you build it, he will come.” Admittedly, this isn’t Iowa and there’s no corn field, but we (the College) have built it (alumni program) and hope you (graduates) join. A graduate’s connection to his … Continued

Procrastination Equation

If you put off more things for tomorrow than you do today, take a listen to this audio interview.   Piers Steel, Professor at the University of Calgary, shares some practical advice for procrastinators in this episode of the OREA Centre for Leadership Development podcast. Procrastination Equation Piers Steel, PhD, Professor, University of Calgary Length:  8:08 … Continued

Transform a New Association for a New Time

Podcast from Jerry Matthews. As we move past the current downturn, expectations of real estate associations will change. Jerry Matthews proposes a new model for associations which involves radical change. Does your association still have the relevance that’s so necessary in a changing world?