Never a Dull Moment

Real estate is so much more than listing and selling existing residential properties, although residential resale is the most popular career path for REALTORS®, especially new graduates. A career in real estate affords many opportunities. In addition to a flexible work schedule and being your own boss, career options abound. Selling options include new homes … Continued

Consider Real Estate

Is a bachelor’s degree worthless? This million-dollar question has been lobbed in the media by education pundits, some of whom have proclaimed it is not, but the answer is not a simple yes or no. Education, of any kind (whether formal, non-formal, or informal) is not a waste of time but it is also not … Continued

Is making money your passion?

Some questions give me feelings of cardiac arrest. “Will I make a lot of money selling real estate?” Invariably, this is the most heartbreaking interrogation posed by prospective students. Regardless of my paraphrase of Confucius that you should choose a job you love if you want to never have to work a day in your … Continued

Flexibility, Unlimited Income Potential, Variety

A career in real estate offers many things – flexibility, unlimited income potential, and variety. Variety comes in the form of several areas of specialization involving selling and non-selling options. You can match your career in real estate with your personal preferences, interests, individuality, and income expectations. The selling options include residential resale, new home sales, … Continued