Seven tips to show your professionalism

  The following is the second instalment in a series of tips on showing professionalism. Here are seven ways to demonstrate your professionalism to real estate colleagues.   Never bad-mouth another salesperson. Although real estate is a competitive business, you should always speak respectfully about other REALTORS®. Always take the high road. If a seller you’ve … Continued

Time flies: Organizing your day

Staying organized and managing your workload effectively are crucial to success in real estate. Three REALTORS® from across Ontario share their strategies for managing their schedules. Given the multitude of tasks involved in real estate, it can often feel like a challenge to stay on top of it all. Successful Realtors learn early in their … Continued

Miss Real Estate Manners: Do unto others

Last month, the REALTOR® EDGE newsletter published some tips from guidelines produced by the London and St. Thomas Association of REALTORS® (LSTAR). The following is another excerpt from the guidelines, taken with permission from LSTAR. Treat your colleagues, clients and customers the way you would like to be treated. It’s not only nice; it’s smart. … Continued

Handling stress in real estate

Real estate is often ranked among the most stressful occupations. Erratic hours, stiff competition and an uncertain income are just a few of the reasons that a career in this field can be stressful. The REALTOR® EDGE newsletter spoke with three seasoned real estate professionals about stress and how to cope with it. Finding a … Continued

Real estate couples: Sold on partnerships

Have you ever thought about working with your spouse? Many couples find that working together at the same real estate brokerage strengthens both their marriage and their business, as well as drawing on complementary skills. Having a spouse who understands real estate is a huge advantage, they say. However, they note that it is also … Continued

Remind consumers to hire contractors who work safely

Complaints about home renovations are consistently among the most frequent type of complaints received by the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. One of the challenges homeowners face when doing renovations is deciding who to hire. The Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services strongly recommend that consumers ask the … Continued

How to Research A Neighbourhood

Where can you eat, play, exercise, shop, hang out, and work? Have I left anything out? Yes. Is this neighbourhood known for having smaller or larger homes? Whether you are farming an area for a client or just researching, your personal knowledge on location can be critical. These tips may provide an efficient way to … Continued

Tips to Stay Organized

Meeting clients, returning phone calls, showings, and home evaluations. Let us acknowledge that we need to be organized to succeed. Staying organized has a ton of advantages. Arriving on time shows competence Calling on time shows professionalism Being prepared for home evaluations Presentations Whether you, email, bring a folder, use your tablets, or smartphones. Staying … Continued