Why Realtors® should Network?

Today’s blog contribution was written by Vishal Kapoor.  Vishal is a Real Estate Sales Representative in Oakville, ON.   Ask any Realtor® where they get most of their business from and the most common answer will be “Most of my business comes by referral”. And where do referrals come from? Referrals come from people they know and people who … Continued

Communication for Co-operating and Co-brokering Featured in OREA’s June Webinar

There are different standards for accountability when dealing with situations such as multiple representation, multiple offers, co-brokerage of listings, and sending and receiving referrals. It’s imperative to understand the requirements for clarity and documentation to avoid putting yourself and your clients at risk and possibly even causing an inability to claim commission. OREA’s next webinar … Continued

When life gives you lemons, how do you make lemonade?

We’ve all heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  But in a busy profession like real estate, especially in today’s red hot market, REALTORS® don’t have time for the “lemons” of life. So what do you do if you are served a lemon? Maybe this “lemon” was a sign that you need … Continued

Managing in the lean seasons

When your phone is not ringing and the real estate market seems as frozen as the snowdrift on your front lawn, don’t despair. Seasoned REALTORS® know that the lean times won’t last, as long as you take steps to manage your business and finances. Although winter is typically a slower period in real estate, that … Continued

Something to consider as we face a New Year!

  Have you ever stopped to think about whether you feel like you are a Salesperson or a Service person? I find that sometimes the focus on us being Salespeople can interfere with doing what is best or right for our clients.  The word Salesperson for me seems to conjure images of those slick guys … Continued

Top Five Roadblocks to Going Paperless with John-Ross Parks

  It was an absolute pleasure being invited back for the 2015 EMERGE tour. This year I felt that it was very important to impart the benefits of the paperless life as a full time Realtor. Less about apps and more about personal struggles and benefits. It’s important for Realtors to know that even though … Continued

Learn to Use Form #244 in your Property Showings and Offer Presentations

Many REALTORS® use Form #244 to assist them with their property showings and offer presentations. OREA has created a new tutorial to teach members about Form #244. The tutorial walks members through each section of the form, and highlights the areas of greatest importance.  REALTORS® have specific responsibilities to consumers, brokerages, and real estate boards with respect … Continued

Cut volunteers a bit of slack

For 32 years I have been amazed at the contributions that REALTORS® make as volunteer leaders at their local, provincial and national associations. I don’t know of any other profession that earns its income by commission and gives up as much time as Realtors do, not only to their own trade association but to many … Continued

Real estate: More than just sales

Members of the public seem to think that all I do is sell houses. While that is part of my work, the amount of time I spend selling represents just 20 per cent of my job activities. The role of the REALTOR®, in my view, is not so much a salesperson but more of a … Continued