Why You Should Work With a Commercial REALTOR®

If you thought selling a home was a complex process, try selling a business. It’s a minefield of challenges that a commercial REALTOR® is well-situated to navigate. Following are three main reasons why you should use commercial Realtors when buying or selling your business. 1.     Marketing Ability Private sellers do not have the same marketing … Continued

10 Reasons Why You Should Work With a REALTOR®

What better way to start the new year than with a top 10 list? Following are 10 reasons why house hunting (buying and/or selling) is better with a REALTOR®: Realtors are experts in the field, having completed an extensive course of study. Realtors are governed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario, and must adhere to … Continued

Things to think about in the new year

I once read that there are 3 kinds of people; 1) Those that make things happen 2) Those that watch things happen 3) And…those that say “what just happened”  Which one are you? If you are a Realtor and want to choose one of those 3 options, maybe you should consider volunteering on your local … Continued

What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you?

What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you? A fun and interactive quiz developed by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) asks that question. This online personality quiz with lively, colourful illustrations takes a lighthearted approach to the business of real estate. It aims to engage OREA members in a playful way. It notes that “All … Continued

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a REALTOR®

The following statement is worth repeating – when selling your home, it is best to hire a REALTOR®. Selling your own home is complex and time-consuming. It can also be emotional. Hire a REALTOR® and secure the following advantages: 1.  REALTORS® can determine what a property is worth because they have access to the MLS® System and … Continued

Wired Office: Big data is key to real estate service

Data is everywhere and increasingly consumers are going online to conduct their own real estate searches. Does this mean the need for REALTORS® will disappear? Innovation expert David Eaves thinks not. Eaves shared his thoughts at OREA’s recent REGeneration conference. His talk, The Next Big Thing in Real Estate, covered a lot of ground, including … Continued

The importance of repeat business and referrals

Some of Rob Archambault’s favourite real estate clients are seniors who have been referred to him by their grown children. “Their children bring me into their homes and introduce me, so they don’t really feel that I’m a stranger,” says Archambault, a Toronto-based REALTOR®. “Referrals from a family member carry a lot of weight.” He … Continued

Bigger, Faster, Better?

The iPhone 6 has been released to the joyful delight of millions. The eighth generation device comes in two sizes, big (4.7 inches) and bigger (5.5 inches). The larger model, called the iPhone 6 Plus, ushers Apple into the fast-growing phablet market where it joins devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note. … Continued