Current Toronto and Ontario Housing Markets

An exciting, colourful new video helps Ontario consumers to understand the nature of the current housing market and the value of using a REALTOR®. This animated short video has been created by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). It presents housing statistics in a lively and easy-to-digest manner for the public. Home buyers and sellers can … Continued

The rise of heritage conservation districts

By Robert Hulley One has to wonder if members of the provincial government in 1975 predicted the huge success that would result from the legislation they passed to create Heritage Conservation Districts (HCD) in Ontario. Today there are 124 HCDs in existence, containing more than 22,300 properties — with six more districts pending designation. An HCD … Continued

OREA urges caution on a tax on foreign buyers in Ontario

Two weeks ago, the Government of British Columbia (BC) introduced a new 15 per cent land transfer tax on foreign buyers of residential real estate in that province. The tax was introduced with no consultation and virtually no notice. As Ontario considers measures to address the growing affordability challenge in our province, OREA urges all … Continued

Musical jam raises funds for shelters

Dancing and jamming were the order of the night for Ontario REALTORS® who took part in the Jam with a Past President event, held during the Political Affairs Conference (PAC) of the Ontario Real Estate Association last week. The Jam was a highlight of the annual conference organized by OREA. This year’s PAC took place … Continued

Are you fit for a team?

I recently travelled to the National Association of REALTORS® conference in New Orleans where I soaked up a ton of information to help me in my business. But my favourite session of the conference was all about teams. Not just about how a team should be structured but how to determine if someone is “fit” … Continued

New video goes through the steps of selling your home

Looking for new ways to connect with clients and consumers? Trying to help someone understand the process of selling a home? Here’s another tool to make that possible. We know you like OREA’s How to Buy Your Home and How to Sell Your Home books, we know consumers like them, so we looked for a … Continued

From Registration to REALTOR®

Stephanie Killeleagh chose to become a REALTOR® because she could not imagine a career that did not involve interaction with people. She also did not want a career that involved “getting stuck behind a desk.” “I don’t think there’s any other career for me,” says the OREA Real Estate College graduate. “I’m seeing homes, I’m … Continued

Don’t be afraid to be different

In a business with as much competition as ours, being different is good. It helps you stand out. Use whatever uniqueness you have to your advantage. When I first started in Real Estate I did not include my picture on my business cards. I jumped into the business right out of University and was worried … Continued