Top 5 Social-Media Silly Slips and Snafus

Social media has changed the way Realtors do business. Gone are the days of exchanging business cards with a Realtor at a conference and filing the card away for the day you have a referral, and equally gone are the days of handing out business cards at a trade show in the hopes that sellers … Continued

7 ways to use Instagram for real estate

A study at the start of this year showed Instagram is the fastest-growing social network. That’s no surprise since the internet loves images and Instagram is all about sharing pictures on mobile devices. The only surprise is that more real estate professionals aren’t on there. Here are 7 ways to make Instagram work for you. … Continued


  OREA will welcome REALTORS® and delegates from across the province to Toronto November 23-25 for the annual Political Affairs Conference (PAC). Whether you will be attending the event in person, or following the conversation through social media, the agenda is packed with great panels and speakers sure to inform. You can join the conversation during … Continued

New video goes through the steps of selling your home

Looking for new ways to connect with clients and consumers? Trying to help someone understand the process of selling a home? Here’s another tool to make that possible. We know you like OREA’s How to Buy Your Home and How to Sell Your Home books, we know consumers like them, so we looked for a … Continued

Facebook: Not just for stalking your Exes

It’s also for promoting yourself as a REALTOR®. I was recently working with a first-time homebuyer. A well educated, intelligent young lady born in 1993. While completing a FINTRAC form I asked her for I.D. She held up her phone to show me her Facebook profile and said “see it’s me!” I then had to … Continued

Technology events organized across the province

  Keep your technology skills sharp by attending one or more in a series of events offered in the coming months. OREA’s popular Emerge: Moving You Forward with the Tools for Tomorrow will return this summer to help develop skills and knowledge on emerging tools and technologies and how they work within the real estate … Continued

How to share the Don’t Tax My Dream campaign video

Want to help spread the word about the Don’t Tax My Dream campaign? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to share the video across your social media accounts, and via email. We hope you’ll share it! The video can be found on the homepage of the website. YouTube has a number of share options including sharing on your choice of … Continued

How not to take awful listing photos

One of my pet peeves is seeing really bad (and I mean really bad) listing photos. You know which ones I’m talking about, we’ve all see them.  With the agent’s face in the bathroom mirror. Or the shot that was oh so clearly taken from inside the agent’s car. In fact some of these photos … Continued