Look Who’s Talking

Number of users (as at June 21, 2016) – 32,079 Number of discussion threads – 75,293 Number of posts – 94,763   In the last 48 hours: Number of new users – 15 Number of new discussion threads – five Number of new posts – 22   Yes, the statistics for the online discussion forums … Continued

How To Calculate a Trapezoid…and other Qs

The statistics are astonishing. As at May 6, 2014, there were 24,027 users on the College online education discussion forums who contributed to 65,085 discussion threads and 83,407 posts. And, in the last 24 hours, there have been three new threads, 25 new posts, and nine new users. This is a lot of information being … Continued

Student Support to Help You Succeed

In a recent post on the online Education Forum, a student asked about the difference between reproduction cost and replacement cost. This topic, which relates to appraisal, is covered in Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading (the second course of the Pre-registration segment of The Salesperson Registration Program). Do you know the difference? Reproduction cost … Continued