Don’t be the elephant in the room

“Why did you fail?” asks one student to another. “Because I had that instructor,” came the reply. “Why did you pass?” asks the second student. “Because I had the same instructor.” This exchange speaks to the tremendous importance of your personal reaction to matters in a given situation or environment. What was your focus? Where … Continued

The Atom of Success

Bookstores are my favourite hangout, especially if they pamper you with espresso. On my last visitation, I stood in admiration of all the leadership, management, and self-help publications. I actually scanned most of them and registered their teachings. There is a plethora of ideas and advice: be results-driven, think strategically, do a reality check, communicate … Continued

Goal Setting

Real Estate is great because you get to set your own goals…. it may be a daily goal of talking at least 25 people about real estate. A weekly goal of converting leads to appointments. A monthly goal of listings, or yearly goals with regard to the amount of homes sold or purchased. Staying on … Continued

Ten key strategies for success as a REALTOR®

All achievement begins with a burning desire. Everyone has the potential to achieve extraordinary success as a REALTOR®; however, the people who implement proven strategies are the ones who actually achieve greatness in the real estate profession. “All of the Facebook fan pages, twitter accounts, websites and capture pages mean nothing unless your mindset is … Continued