Training for new volunteers – just-in-time

When someone volunteers to sit on a committee or board of directors for the first time, it’s likely that person will be on a steep learning curve. Take our industry, for example. The knowledge required to be a successful REALTOR® is quite different from that which is required to be a successful committee member at … Continued

Ratchet Down Conflict

We may not want to admit it, but sometimes we’re the reason why small conflicts escalate into much bigger ones. Conflict escalates when we don’t do enough to try to understand the other person. That’s just one of the insights shared in a recent interview with Lise Hebabi, a change consultant with the Intersol Group. … Continued

Shortening The Stack

When Jack Stack and his colleagues bought Springfield Remanufacturing from the failing International Harvester Corporation in 1983, he stepped into a company that had huge problems. Sales had slowed to a trickle, overhead costs were through the roof, and the company’s stock price was an abysmal $.10 a share. To put it lightly: Springfield Manufacturing … Continued

Kick up your Leadership Style

Strong leaders self-assess. They regularly ask themselves, How am I doing? What can I do better? What strengths can I build upon? Signs of an Effective Leader Self-Assessment is an assessment tool that we use in our leadership programs. It focuses on some of the most important areas of leadership that have stood the test … Continued

Looking back at a great YPN year

OREA’s Young Professionals Network (YPN) has continued to grow in its second year. This group, aimed at encouraging people new to real estate to become more involved with their profession, has grown to more than 1,100 members in the past year. YPN maintains a strong, active social media presence on Facebook and the OREA blog … Continued

Putting the Future into Focus

At the OREA Centre for Leadership Development, we often encourage association leaders to keep on top of emerging trends, plan for the future and shape their associations to serve members in a changing world; yet we know that’s not an easy task. I recently read an article from our Leadership Library that provides some very … Continued

Video Blog for Trainers: Facilitating Large Groups

Over the years I’ve often been asked to increase the number of participants at our leadership courses. The way the courses are designed, the ideal number of participants is 20 – 30.  With groups larger than that it can be challenging to get the same results. Despite my hesitance, there are times when it makes … Continued

Keeping it real

I recently read a very interesting blog post written by OREA’s Elaine La Chappelle. Elaine’s article stresses the fact that not all people are comfortable making presentations but if you keep it real, show enthusiasm and passion for your topic you will be a success. While reading the article I realized that this sound advice … Continued

Video Blog for Trainers: Give Them Time to Breathe

One of the most difficult decisions when designing a training program is to determine how much content can be covered and to what level it will be learned. The deeper the level of learning that’s required the more time you need to build in. Some of that time needs to be spent on reflection. In … Continued