Communication for Co-operating and Co-brokering Featured in OREA’s June Webinar

There are different standards for accountability when dealing with situations such as multiple representation, multiple offers, co-brokerage of listings, and sending and receiving referrals. It’s imperative to understand the requirements for clarity and documentation to avoid putting yourself and your clients at risk and possibly even causing an inability to claim commission. OREA’s next webinar … Continued

Use E-Signatures with Integrity with OREA Webinar

E-signatures can save time and benefit consumers, however, many REALTORS® are unclear on what is required to transition to paperless technology. The introduction of e-signatures for agreements of purchase and sale in 2015 was accompanied by specific obligations to protect the consumer. On October 18th, 2016, Ontario Real Estate Association host Cassandra Agnew Walker, legal … Continued

The Condominium Agreement – Simple as AB and “C “

The Condominium Market has grown exponentially in the last few years and more and more Realtors are trading in this marketplace. The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) will be discussing the Condominium Agreement and all its features in OREA’s next webinar, which is scheduled for 1pm on September 20, 2016. Host Cassandra Agnew Walker (OREA) … Continued

Learn How to Achieve a Clean Track Record with OREA Forms

  Integrity and professionalism are two of the most important qualities that consumers seek in a REALTOR®. Maintaining integrity and professionalism can seem daunting given the many ever-changing rules and regulations that shape the world of real estate. Getting familiar with and integrating standard forms into your real estate practice can help you simplify and … Continued

Avoid Commercial Form Minefields with OREA Webinar

At 1:00 P.M. on July 19th, OREA will hold its first webinar that takes a detailed look at commercial forms.  Commercial transactions are complex and require REALTORS® to ensure they complete their due diligence. In this webinar, OREA legal counsel guest, Louis Radomsky, joins Cassandra Agnew Walker to provide members with practical advice about how … Continued

OREA’s Next Webinar Can Help with Clause-trophobia

  OREA’s popular standard forms webinar series is returning at 1:00pm on June 21st to address the topic of Creating and Using Standard Clauses. Hosts Cassandra Agnew Walker and John Burnet will once again team up to provide members with an update and refresher on the topic. Clause writing can be frustrating and clause drafting errors can … Continued

Stick-handling Offers & Negotiations Webinar

OREA’s next monthly standard forms webinar, taking place at 1:00 p.m. on April 19, will address many of the sticky situations that REALTORS® often encounter in the offer negotiation process. If you’re new to the offer process or just need a brush up, OREA’s in-house expert, Casssandra Agnew Walker, and special guest from RECO, John … Continued